Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Myspace VS Facebook

Social Networking sites

When it comes to social networking sites there are plenty of sites out there for people to join. I use multiple networking sites and some of them I enjoy very much and some of them not so much. I use some of them every day and use some of them every other week. Some of them I dont like to log into everyday just because I usually forget to log into them and sometimes I just dont feel like dealing with all the people. Some of the networking sites are a pain in the butt to manuever around them and takes forever to load becuase of all the addons that are being added to the sites each and every day.


Myspace is a very easy to use website for social networking and seems to be very popular amoungst all age groups to keep in contact with old friends and new friends and even more and more celebrities are using them these days. I use myspace on a daily basis to keep in touch with my family who use them and also to keep up to date with some of my favorite country singers to hear about what they are doing these days. I find myspace to be the easiest to keep up to date on and easy to manuever around then most of the other sites. Everything is right there on one page and is easy to find what you are looking for with the main menu being right there at the top of your page. I try to keep my background up to date with the holidays and change it often. Sometimes I even just change it to have something to do. I have found it a little harder to change them lately with all the different things that they have changed with in the site. Sometimes I can delete the code for the background and go back and check it and its still the code from the background from before. I havent quite figured out all the new stuff that they are adding these days. I still will prefer this networking site amoungst all the rest.


I have a facebook account but I do not check it regularly because I havent quite figured out just how to use the site and get confused about what I am doing on this site. I have had a facebook account for over a year now and still havent figured it out just as well as I thought I would have. I am not a big fan of facebook just because I have used myspace for so long that I dont like it as much as its layout is so much different from myspace that I just usually prefer to go to myspace to keep in touch with everyone. Also most of my friends and family dont have a facebook account and so its just easier for me to use one rather than a whole bunch of different ones. Some of the sites are a bit more secure I think than others as my facebook account hasnt been hacked into once but my myspace account was once. I think its simple to log into and access someones account on myspace than it is in the facebook account. I also like the fact that you can play games and access ads on myspace where as of now I dont know if you can do that on facebook or not. Im just not all that familiar with it to know what they do have and what they dont have. This is just my personal opionion. I hope you know more about it than I do.

My Yearbook:

My Yearbook website is another social networking website that I use alot. I like this website because it is straight to the point and its even easier for me to use than myspace. I think it was aimed to become just as popular as myspace but just didnt take off as much as the myspace fad did. I have some friends who use this website a little more than myspace and so therefore I end up logging into this one a little more than I do my own myspace account. As a family we have one account just for the family that we use on myspace and than we have one that each of checks into. I use the family account more than I do my own myspace account and so when I feel like talking to some of my friends I tend to find them here on myyearbook more than I do on myspace. They have some of the simuliar games and applications as myspace and also has a lunch money program that you earn :FAKE: money on each and everyday that you log into the account. With the lunch money program you can purchase virtual gifts for friends and family and can also donate your lunch money to different programs who then will actually donate something to that cause. I like this site the most I think. Its right up there with the myspace at least. I hope if you didnt know of this site that you do now and will check it out when you get a chance.


This seems to be the new thing going that everyone is raving about these days. I also have a twitter account but I dont check it everyday like every one else prob does. I only got an account after the whole Ashton Kutcher and Larry King thing. I only signed up to support Ashton. Cause come on who doesnt like Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. I know the whole drama he tends to get involved in but I still think he is one of the best actors to date. I do have lots of movies with him in it and most of the time will only get them because he is in the movie and is funny as heck. I didnt much care for Guess Who though. A little off track here but back to the subject. Once I logged in to twitter I have found a few people adding me everyday but for the most part its easy to find out who in hollywood is up to what. Its ran a little more personal than myspace and can be checked from anywhere. Gives new meaning to be a twitt. LOL... My mom always said I was a twitt but I think she meant something different than what it is these days. Not much sure If I will stick it out with this site or not.